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Best Free Open Source Apps on Android - Unique Imagination
Best Free Open Source Apps on Android - Unique Imagination 

Hey welcome back to our new blog In this blog I will tell you guys Free and best open source apps for your android phone I bet you are tried of paying the subscriptions of the apps with are not free also they are not the open source, so I promise you that all the apps that will be open source that means you can find there sources code on the github and also the apps are totally free not to have pay any penny. so here is the first apps comes,

Open source apps on Android Phones


birthday app
Birday - Birthday manager

let's be honest here we've all forgotten our friends or family members’ birthdays at least once and then we feel bad because we didn't give him a present or even wish him a happy birthday. let's stop that with an open source app called a Birthday you can easily keep track of any birthday and get notified a few days before to prepare a gift in time I even love that it includes a countdown of every upcoming birthday something that google calendar can't do for you and you can keep track of other important events like anniversaries death anniversaries etc.

link - Birday - Birthday manager

Best before it

best before app
best before - food tracker

And Now the next app is kind of a similar of the previous app but there is twist that is forgetting about specific food in the fridge and having them accidentally expire so sometime this is annoyance some foods like fruits or vegetables don't even have an expiration date so you'll need to guess whether they're still edible in a few weeks so a good way to make sure you eat all your food on time so i suggest you to give a once a try of using an open source app called best before it.

lets me input the food I bought along with the purchase and expiration dates then it'll notify me a few days before it expires so that I can eat it and it doesn't go to waste it even shows me a countdown next to each item honestly it saved me a lot of money also it doesn't cost a time to install so why not and that's just a sneak peek at some of the best free open source apps that I have told.

if you're not sure what open source means it just refers to apps that have their source code out on the web for anyone to see they have nothing to hide making them safer to use than most closed store stops out there

link- Best before it

why to download f-droid on android for open source ?

I always encourage anyone to choose an open source app over anything else because transparency is such a huge key factor in security. if you're looking to download only open source apps f-droid is the ultimate app store to find the majority of them because it only allows for free open source apps and that's where I got a lot of the ones that I'm showing off in this anyways it's no secret that almost every app out there has trackers within them but some have more than others and even collect data that isn't necessary it's scary stuff and since I'm constantly downloading apps I needed to find something that could let me track down and control all those hidden trackers.

download - F-driod app (official website) 

Tc slim

Tc slim
Tc slim

So I founded an app that's when I came across Tc slim this lets me run a vpn that constantly monitors every app running in the background so every time one of my apps contacts a company tc slim records its and lets me see the trackers that they were using whether they were essential and where the data was sent on a map then I can take action by stopping the app's internet access and even requesting data deletion by emailing the developer on top of all the trackers many apps compiled with intrusive ads especially a ton of free games luckily there are plenty of ways to block ads on android.

link - Tc slim


rethink dns

so our next app on the list is related to vpn dns or ads blocking ,

I would check out rethink DNS this app uses a VPN to stop every outgoing connection to ads or trackers and it even comes with a firewall to let me block any apps from accessing the internet not a lot of ad blockers come with this I also love that I can choose any DNS server of my choice or choose from a library of block lists it's completely free to use open source and doesn't require roots, of course, there are other great options out there like Adaway or blockcata

Link - RethinkDNS



But I just found rethink DNS to be the best option for me now believe it or not chrome itself is not totally open source it's based on a project called chromium which is open source so if you want a solid open source chrome alternative that includes a few extra features like ad blocking check out Bromide. it's also based on chromium so it looks just like chrome but it removes all the clutter so no more annoying group tabs unnecessary article spams when opening up a new tab and a few extra options within the settings,

for example, you can have links always open in incognito mode have the history be recorded while you're in incognito mode and even close all tabs on exit, not a bad option if you're looking to declutter chrome.

link - Bromide  , Source code 

so here is next app ,

Simple Login

simple login
Simple login 

whenever a site app or merchant asks for your email address never and I mean never give them your personal one because I promise you the more you give it away the more likely you'll get spammed instead use simple login a free open source app that lets you create fake email addresses that forward any emails that you've signed up for to your actual inbox because the day that you want to stop receiving emails from those companies you've signed up for you can simply turn off the switch and stop the spam protecting your password is just as important as protecting your personal email.

link - Simple login 



so now I think you all know where I'm going with this password manager it's by far the best way to not get hacked and keep your personal account safe as I already written in the medium blog  once time so I again recommending an excellent open source option is Bitwarden it doesn't have any crazy features that make it stand out from the competition but it is very light simple and straightforward it has autofill a password generator checks for password breaches and works across all platforms oh yeah and it's free.

link- Bitwarden password manager

read the medium article -  medium blog 

Antenna pod

Antenna pod
Antenna pod 

Are your love to listening podcast and tried of ads and if you're paying for a service just to listen to podcasts you may be throwing away your money because with antenna pod you can listen to those same podcasts for free you don't need to sign up for anything watch any ads or pay a single time for any podcast you search up on this app will most likely be there and you can stream or download any of the episodes.

link - Antenna pod 

Geometric Weather app

Geometric weather app
Geometric weather

I rarely talk about weather apps because a lot of phones already come with one still that's not to say that they're amazing because a lot of them look outdated and lack the information plus they're not open source so my go-to has always been geometric whether it's free to open source and it kind of reminds me of the old one plus weather app with the beautifully animated weather in the background and all.

With the weather info down below I can switch between cities by swiping left or right and I love that I can change the weather source within the settings I wouldn't say it's the most feature-packed option out there but it's still powerful and gets the job done.

link - Geometric weather app

last but not the least so here is the last open source app

Dark mode live wallpaper

dark mode live wallpaper
Dark mode live wallpaper

The dark mode on android is pretty much set in stone but one feature that I've always wanted is for the wallpaper to also follow the system dark theme dark mode live wallpaper solved this for me it automatically makes the background darker when I switch to the dark mode and lightens it up when I go back to light but here's where the real game changer is I can even set a different image for the light and dark theme so during the day I can have a fun bright colorful background while at night I can have an relaxing wall pretty sweet 

link - Dark mode live wallpaper

If you wish you can read the my another website blog - Mr Parui Web 

anyways those are the best free open source apps that I recommend you check out of course there are hundreds of thousands of other great options out there, so if you want to share a few of the open source apps that you use on a daily basis feel free to do so in the comments, also, I must remind you that if you downloaded at least one app please be sure to tag me on Instagram or just this blog link to share the knowledge with other.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my article or You have given your valuable time and attention to my article, thank you

Thank you very much Have a pleasant day 😊

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Poco M3 After 1 Year Hands On Review | Honest Review - UI

Poco M3 After 1 Year Hands On Review Blog Thumbnail
Blog Thumbnail

Hey welcome to my blog hope you are doing well so In this article I would be talk about My Smartphone that is Xiaomi Poco M3 so let get into it in-dept detail of my experiences of using it, so i will share all the Pros and Cons of the device. so let’s get started...

note - this product is my personal favorite and it is not any promotional type review all the review on my site is based my personal use of the product

Built quality and Design:

First and foremost I will talk about the built quality and the overall design of the device.

This device Poco M3 is generally a similar size as the previous predecessor that is Poco M2 also this is nearly similar to the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 special edition.however the device have a 6.53-inch show with a dewdrop score at the top. The bezels are thick all around however this is worthy given the cost of the cell phone.

In hand feel & weight balance

Poco M3 After 1 Year Hands On Review | Honest Review - UI
Poco M3 top view

the device has utilized a plastic body for the M3, and it feels sufficiently strong. The back board has a finished completion which helps keep fingerprints off as it leather style finished, and helps while holding the cell phone.

multimedia experiences(sound,display)

Now the point is about sound and the Display is excellent at this price point however it’s provide a Full HD+ Display with a vivid colors playback also there are Two Speaker that is placed in One at a Bottom and the One is near the IR Blaster and also provide the noise cancelling mic.

all over the multimedia experiences is as expected sound quality is very good and picture quality is excellent as it provide high quality nearly can support 2 - 4k video on YouTube.

battery & performances (also RAM Management)

Here the main so called hype of battery and Ram so in this section I will tell about the battery and the performance of Ram management so

The Poco M3 kept going more than one and a half-days on each charge cycle and two days a couple of times with light use. The telephone had essentially 35 to 40% battery left after my one day of work beginning from 100% at 9 AM in the first part of the day. Concerning the quick charging, the 18W isn't the quickest as it requires around 2 hours and 10 minutes to 2 hours and 20 minutes to charge the gadget totally, but in the box there is 22.5W Charge which the phone can’t support it only support 18W so there is no point of giving 22.5W charger.


Poco M3 After 1 Year Hands On Review | Honest Review - UI
Back view or battery area

This device is fueled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 SoC which is a typical processor in this value range. This is combined with the Qualcomm Adreno 610 GPU and 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM, rather than the 4GB of RAM in the worldwide Poco M3 variation. here you got additionally have 64GB of UFS 2.1 capacity or 128GB of UFS 2.2 capacity , yes this is not bad at all in this price range.

I got the base Variant 64GB/6gb but for survey which is estimated at Rs 10,999 (during the launch time Feb 2021) while the 128GB one is evaluated at Rs 11,999 (during the launch time Feb 2021). Subsequent to playing out our typical benchmark tests, we saw that the Poco M3's exhibition, essentially with regards to benchmarks, is marginally disappointing in this value range.

Network & Connectivity

In This Device there is only 4g variant available not 5g but yes the speed are kinda very good speed approx of 10- 20mbps on mobile data and on WiFi i get nearly upto speed of 35 to 50 mbps as of Indian version poco m3

about the camera experiences


Poco M3 After 1 Year Hands On Review | Honest Review - UI
camera module

The camera execution is acceptable however the arrangement has its limits. The triple back camera arrangement contains a 48-megapixel essential sensor with a f/1.79 focal point, a 2-megapixel optional sensor with a f/2.4 full scale focal point and a 2-megapixel profundity sensor with a f/2.4 focal point.

The fundamental camera clicks great pictures and catches great measure of subtleties at the cost. In any case, the pictures can come out delicate now and again and there is no ultra wide camera which restricts the capacity to utilize the telephone.

However If I use Gcam on the Device the output of the pictures are totally mind blowing !! If you want the comparing between the Gcam and the Stock Cam I would definitely write about it by the way I will also include some of the Gcam shots form this Poco M3.

here are the some of the camera sample that I have taken.

Stock Camera of Poco M3

stock app poco m3 pictures
macro photo

stock app poco m3 pictures
cinematic photo

stock app poco m3 pictures
natural photo

stock app poco m3 pictures
sunrise photo

stock app poco m3 pictures
Howrah Railway Station Photo

GCam Photos On Poco M3

gcam pic on poco m3
Skyscraper at Evening 

gcam pic on poco m3

gcam pic on poco m3
Chocolate Cake with orange's

Poco M3 After 1 Year Hands On Review | Honest Review - UI
House and villas

Gcam Photo on poco m3
Leaf with a drew drop of water

Night Photography On Poco M3

Poco M3 After 1 Year Hands On Review | Honest Review - UI
Stock Camera Night Mode Time - 1.34am

Poco M3 After 1 Year Hands On Review | Honest Review - UI
GCamera Night Mode Time - 1.35am

software experiences & about updates History

The MIUI 12.5 skin dependent on Android 11 runs out as of now but at out of the container it has MIUI 12 with Android 10.

Given the history, we'd anticipate that the update should show up toward the finish of Q3. The MIUI 12 skin on Poco M3 is a marginally changed adaptation of the MIUI 12 on Redmi and Mi gadgets. The product accompanies less pre-introduced and no advertisements on UI - that why I liked the poco launcher and yes in there is not totally advertisement but yes there are some of the bloatware on this device through.

The Poco M3 packs in the greatest battery on a Poco telephone yet with a 6000mAh unit. For setting, the Poco M2 sports a 5000mAh battery. There's additionally further developed quick accusing of help for 18W quick charging by means of a USB Type-C port. Likewise, the gadget additionally upholds invert charging.

overall my experiences (detail of what issues i have faced)

My overall experience of this device is top notch as I expected according to its price and never disappoint but yes somewhat I face little bit glitch of MIUI but yes after some of the updates it fix the issues however I would say it will be a best device that I choose for myself.


camera with back view
camera with back view


conclusion the final wordic

So has I conclude about this device poco M3 I will say that now recently the poco M4 is launched and if you want a 5G phone until and unless other things doesn't matter to you so if you want 4G device then go for it and now pretty well the updates are also provided but yes not fastly but lately coming but it is good however I want recommend any 5G phone until in India release a 5G spectrum so that is from my side until then goodbye

I appreciate you taking the time to read and reach the bottom of the my article & You have given your valuable time and attention to my article, thank you

Thank you very much Have a pleasant day 😊

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boat rockerz 400 full detail review |  best option buying Bluetooth headset | best buying guide Bluetooth headset

boat rockerz 400 full detail review blog thumbnail
Blog thumbnail

 Hello everybody welcome to my another post of detail review of the product

note - this product is my personal favourite and it is not any promotional type review all the review on my site is based my personal use of the product

So this headphone I have purchased through amazon & Flipkart yes you read it right basically i have purchased 2 of them at time of independence sale though these e-commerce sites. I’ve purchased the online lecture for myself as well as my brother. However afterward I gave the headphones to my uncle.

wait for the next post is coming soon about which service is the best Amazon vs Flipkart

bluetooth headphone box
Main Product box

as you can see in the above pic one is black in colour and another one blue in colour.

There are 4 colour choices that you can choose from: blue, black, red and white with the neon green color.However my favourite is blue and what is your favourite colour comment down below in the comment section of this blog.

build quality & form factor

build quiality and form factor
both headphones

so if I talk about this boat headphone the build quality that you get in this price point is unexpectable yes you hear it right the build quality is superior from the other headphones that if I compared with it it has soft cushion around it and nicely rollable and adjust table headphone covers so that you can carry anywhere if you go like travelling or camping just fit into the backpack as he want there is no issue at all so now if I talk about the form factor it's pretty well there is no issue at all that you can think eventually I mistakenly had fallen the headphone 2 to 3 times but I didn't get any issue at all until now.

so the build quality and the form factor of this headphone is best in class at this price point that I would say so moving further the next one is sound quality.

sound quality also have some enough base

sound quality of headset
black and blue headset

So if I talk about the sound quality of this headphone is awesome the headphone also cover little bit of bass sound and it's good in class also there is no noise cancelling until I know and I uses almost about the eight month I didn't feel about the noise cancelling but somewhat it was there as in the product description has written so called noise cancelling but yes somewhat there but it is not useful as other headphone has however but I like the base while listening the music and songs and podcast it reach in class the sound quality is so there is no compromising in has it is set up up to 35 db. 

However there is no support for Dolby atmos but yes in your device it has it will be the best experience you will get so if I can include in one word about the sound quality of this headphone is awesome and best in its class.

Next one is connectivity and range about this headphone

connectivity & range cover

connecitivity and range cover
range covers 

The boat rockezr 400 covers the connectivity range up to 100 metres of it so yes there is some what a little bit compromise in the product description written is hundred metre but I guess it doesn't provide 100 metre of its range it up two likely 80 to 90m far away also so it's sometimes break the sound if any object like wall or sealing or another room so if you go so far from your device which is attached to your Bluetooth headset you might face somewhat glitching type sound but yes it also cover the Bluetooth 5.0 version I don't think so so it system glitch or or Bluetooth glitch. 

Once a time I experiment with it I go between 70 to 80m far away from my device connected to it I get little bit of glitching sound and afterword I get to to nearly about hundred metres far away from the device the sound stopped therefore if I would say that you must to have nearby to your Bluetooth headset and your device that is connected to it

So if you are a person that it does not required too much of space or gap with your device you can consider it has it only provides between the 80 to 90 m distance that will be a better choice if you you keep your device near by you

Has I am using my device has a poco M3 which runs on Android 11 top of Miui12.5 latest update on the last month.

Also it connects windows PC Android tablet that I previously connected it works well

Wait coming post on will be my poco M3 post in detail review  

Previously I was using Android 10 which pasted on MI UI 12 and I sometimes saw connectivity issues but not a big deal. It always just switches off and on the headphone simultaneously. But if I talk about the present right now I didn't feel any type of glitch, guess the connectivity issue is gone.

fact - there is a special function in the boat rockerz 400 that is if you to keep the device on also connected to your mobile Bluetooth if the boat rockerz is not using aur playing any sound on the headphone it will automatically go into sleep mode so you can save your battery life that you are using it but don't take worry if you want to listen something that you want just on your Bluetooth headset by press and holding the power button it will be on and you can now listen what you want 

All experience of new update on miui12.5 Indian rom 

Next point is about the charging time and battery backup

Charging time and battery backup

Charging time and the battery backup of this headphone is very pretty well and nicely I didn't waste any battery issues until now device is newly purchased I get the battery backup up to week after using daily not more than 2 hours actually in the product description is written these headphone battery will be give up to 8 hours battery backup but I guess it depends upon your uses it might give more or less in my case I get the battery backup to a week then I charge the headphone it get charged within nearly 2.5 hours so yes there is no complaint about the battery backup it get the job done.

my personal opinion about this headset

best headphone for student
student studing and using headphone

If I give my personal opinion about this boat Rocker 400 under the price of 1000 that is 999 ₹ the tie purchased during the independence sale on E-Commerce site it is worth it to get this type of headphone in the better price however all over the headphone is 5 out of 4 star rating from my side I am until not disappointed about the quality and the sound quality that I get however it is my best choice to buy these headphone also this headphone helps me to take my online lectures of the college.

So if you are one of a kind of student that you want to listen the lectures in your headset I will recommend this headset to you to try once you will not be disappointed after using this headset

a simple guide to buy the headphone

best buying guide Bluetooth headset
just another headset like this

best headphone to buy under 1000 Rupees | So how to buy best headphone for you under 1000 rupees

In the today's market there are more competition and so most of them I didn't get the correct and right choice of their headphone or headset under their price point however I am here to guide you to get your best headset under the 1000 rupees

Firstly I will talk about why you need the headphone for which purpose, secondly which feature do you like the most and why thirdly what is your budget that you can spend up on it.

If your budget is tight and you want a headphone probably the best that you can get is is the boats headphone yes here it right the quality is get is higher than any other headphones out there you must check on the E-Commerce site which has better and best rating on the boat rock the series under your price point however you will get to know about it

coming soon Boat rockerz 400 versus boat rockerz 410 versus 370 versus 450 

What is best option buying Bluetooth headset in online or offline at shops? 

It depends on the product, not the place or the online and offline shop. Make sure you buy from a trusted one. It may be an online e-commerce site such as the most popular or any nearby store that is trustable for the customer.

You can see a google map review of any offline shops where other customers have already purchased any product from the shop. From my site it depends upon the price , product quality , and the best part is the different types of offer that you get in the online store.


Pratap Parui in headphone and giving Conclusion
Me and My Brother flexing with headset 😎🤏

So if I conclude all over the review of the headphone 🎧 is best in class best build quality and sound quality that you will get is unexpectable also form factor of this headphone is very nice eventually if you purchase it I sure you will love this headphone so until then I am signing off and I will meet you in another topic until then bye also you have some question regarding this product you can comment down below on the comments section below

thank you very much for reading and investing your time till the very end

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Top 15 Unknown innovative websites which you must visit it !


15 Unknown innovative websites which you must visit with bonus Website

Blog thumbnail
Blog thumbnail

Hello everybody out there reading my article after so many months, so I will cover the most useful and amazing websites which no one would share with this type of website and which could solve your daily life problem too.

I know this will be a long article but yes if you read till the end then the benefits are your… This is the continuation article from the medium article if you wish you can read my medium article.

However there are many websites nowadays but how could you figure out which will be a  best and problem solving website for you so that I am sharing with you all this website. By the way, this website is helpful for me till today since I knew this site and where I used it  for the first time.

As a web fact is that "since 1993 there were only 623 websites on the www"

As person to person it would be different that which website will be helpful for. As the

The requirement of the user and their problem is that’s  why I am sharing this website to all , happy reading :) 😁

What about the innovative things in the websites nowadays?

Is there any innovation in the web and tech? And the answer is "of course yes" due

to the new era of technology with the help of AI based websites also increasing and

the method or process of the work of these websites.


According to research and survey there are more than 1 billion website are there and

Nearly  200-400 million are active also in  Daily basis. More than 59 websites appear on the internet within a minute.For that  reason, the most accurate answer to this question  would probably be that every day slightly more than 547200 new websites are created globally.


you can also follow my article on medium 

5 Unknown innovative websites which you must visit it !

As I'm also studying, learning and develop the web pages for first time since I'm in ssc boards I have the Curiosity to discover the most amazing website which are available in the internet and also at the same time I also thinking that how would these websites are working which type of framework database is backend servers are used however accept HTML CSS and JavaScript how they are work by the way you would be e shocked and pretty Amaze with this website and you will love it.

(As the below image show that I have habit to bookmarks the website which I liked them)

my bookmarks
My bookmarks 

As you seen this image you will get the idea of how I humble to this 😅 website saving as bookmarks all the time. More than or nearly 1200 bookmarks are already done and these bookmarks are increasing day by day. So let’s drive into it.

“Disclaimer: this website are my personal favourite and this website owner doesn't pay or not any sponsorship”

Here are the top 10 website according to me

All the list of 10 website

1. Read something great

home page of read something great
read something great home page

Read something great website is an absolutely great website. This site serves those 5 at a time. quotes and interesting facts also timeless articles on the internet, when I am bored and I have  nothing to do at all I visit this website to read facts and quotes in a short period of time which will be a pretty interesting website for me which is useful knowledgeable while you are browsing in  social media or something else which is better than this so you can also visit this website if you feel  bored, also so you can share your ideas and your thoughts and knowledge  into the website as well  as into your social media by share button  and much recommended website to all of you to visit once. 

read something great site
read some thing great home page 

Visit the site 


printfriendly homepage
print friendly homepage

Print friendly is a website which cleans and formats web pages for a complete print experience.  It also removes ads, navigation and junk web page, so you save paper and ink when you print.  It's free and easy to use. Ideal for home, office, or whenever you need to print a web page 

Here How to use print friendly

Ø  New users: Copy and paste the URL into

Ø  General Users: Enter in your browser with one click to print friendly pages.


Features this website provides are Print Views that Prepares and displays printed content. Edit before Printing Delete photos, write text, and print only what you want. Print or Save as PDF   Print now, or save later as PDF too 

Also I have an alternative to this website that is small pdf  and pdf2go both are too good and easy to use if in case you want to converter word , excel , ppt file into pdf. So let go for it 

3. Ifixit

ifixit homepage
ifixit homepage

iFixit is based on the website that teaches  people how to fix almost it is  located in the  United States,  Anyone can create a repair manual for this device, and anyone can rearrange an  existing set of manuals for their own improvement. This website enables people to share their technical knowledge with the world. 

If any of your electronic devices are not working properly or having issues and don’t want to give  your electronic devices  to the service center then you must visit this website once a time if any  solution is uploaded in the ifixit website already.

4.Typing website 

Here the next one is the typing website.  I know there are many websites which help to practice typing faster and yes it works. By the way I would like to include only 2 of my favourites and as always it’s helpful. First one is and the Type racer. However, I would like to include more than 5 websites but yes if i do that this post will be gone too long that is why i will post them separately.


keybr typing page
keybr typing is one of the favourite websites out there for practice and typing completion with the other real player or real typer in real time from any country they can be. There would be very friendly challenges. But yes if you want to win the match then you have to type faster than the other player. Yes you can also practice typing by yourself only if you want to improve your typing skill.  I can guarantee that if you practice daily for 10 minutes till 30 days then you would unlock your new ability skills if you are a student, a working professional or content developer like me that you would definitely like this website. As in this website you have to explore more options in the right hand side menus, so must try it. 



typeracer homepage
type racer home page

This is the type racer like the keybr but it is totally different from the above website that I told you about.  The type racer is a global typing competition website.

In the typeracer you can level up your skill, show off your skill by playing a racing game with the real time player throughout the globe. There are many things to explore like keybr. You can choose your theme that you want to type in the competition. There are many different topics and genres.

typeracer racing staring
typeracer racing with cars

Here the image that I’m entered in the race typing game you will see different colors of cars with the 5 players out there and some short paragraph below the text bar that you will type your word as it given in the passages and this passages are from the real authors book or novel etc., at the end you will know the passages are form which book or somewhere form the internet here’s my is 2001 A Space Odyssey by Arthur C Clarle.

typeracer racing
racing wining

Here I'm 3rd place with the typing speed of 31 wpm, yes you can also see your typing speed and all the data by simply login into it.


Here come out the next one is bitwarden password why you should use bitwarden password manager, I know that Google chrome or any other browser comes with password save manager but yes it’s not that handy while you have to do multiple devices sign in via Google account in each and every devices, so the bitwarden is easy and not that hassled because it is cross platform and easy to use.

Bitwarden homepage
bitwarden home page

Bitwarden is a free as well as open source password management unlike Google Chrome and Firefox password manager, a service that stores sensitive information such as website information in an encrypted room. The Bitwarden platform offers a variety of client applications including web interface, desktop applications, browser extensions, mobile applications, and command line.  Bitwarden offers a cloud-based service as well as the power to deliver the solution to the premises.

Yes there are some paid plans as well as free plans where you could use them if necessary. So if you require any time you can visit this website.

Visit the site 


deepstash site
deepstash homepage

The ideas represent the building of today's world, appreciating our daily thoughts and actions.  New ideas breathe new life in the way we look at the world and rely on it in new ideas to improve our health, productivity or our own relationships.

Ideas were often set for the rich and powerful so they were able to access information. Whether king or priest, it is those at the top who control the details. With the advent of the Internet, the pendulum has turned one side. We have a lot of access to information that it becomes excess. There is so much you can suck and it is not enough time. Not to mention magic-enabled devices in the community carrying it in our pockets can keep our minds constantly disturbed stories and crazy entertainment.

Deep stash is a platform for finding and editing ideas that are important to you. We are a loving society that is concerned about finding Aha moments in all the content we eat. We consent to all of our details ideas we share with all the other people who don't want

Visit the Site

7. To learn new languages

Learning a new language?  Yeah, it seems too difficult, right? But now I’m here so no worries, I have solution, I have selected most 2 popular website for programmers out there as well as normal or human languages are there

A.Solo learn 

solo learn homepage
solo learn homepage

So if you are learning languages like C , C++ , Python , Java , web development etc. here is the  website name called solo learn. It is a handy website as well as an app. The solo learn provides programming quizzes, problem solving challenges and a well driven community like github  or stack over flow but not the same.


solo learn dashboard
solo learn dashboard

You will love doing coding and practice as well as you can compete with your peers in the online web/ app based environment. As always login or sign up is required to access the solo learn and then try your best after then you can give some challenge by quizzes to your peers. by the way if you login just follow me in the solo learn and then give me a friendly challenge request 🤣

all language on sololearn
solo learn all languages for coding

As this is a web version there is also an android and ios app there if you wish to learn new or skill up the programming languages so you can try it. When you go to code playground in the solo learn you can do code their as shown in the image down below as it is a python program for the hash code which appears in the month of March. By the way as you would not regret that as it is not like Vs code or sublime text editor or atom code editor it just fine as it user friendly and easy to use as you know all the Ide out there, just select any program of your choice and write your code and then just run the code by pressing the run button at the right hand side top corner.

sololearn code workspace
solo learn code workspace

And must remember that you save you code file if it is important to you because It helps when you  don’t have any laptop or pc access but if you have the solo learn app into your smartphone so you  can use it for some kind of emergency purpose in case. 

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duolingo site
duolingo home page

Here is the another language website called Duolingo , now a days duolingo is going popular between  the teenagers who does to learn sort kind of new languages or improve their old language and skill  up their talents.

duolingo homepage
duolingo dashboard

You will find almost any of the languages in Duolingo as well as Hindi and all the international languages are there such as Spanish, French, Japanese etc. just a sign up is required and you are good to go. Then you must try to keep a habit of practicing the new language which you are learning, then no issue within the 80-90 days you will have some knowledge about the language you are learning. It is better while you are wasting your time on social media. 

Duolingo is also available for android and ios app, just search in play store or app store you will get the app 

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8.Discudemy for Udemy coupons

The discudemy is a place or repository of the coupon for the udemy website only.

Discudemy is a free way to learn from scratch to technology in a way that everyone can understand. Find the best Udemy Promo codes and offers on this page and get the best Savings on your online reading. Believe me or not yes it works very well and it help me to take most of the courses for free in a legal and legit way by the means of the coupons 

So must try this website but before try you should have an udemy account if not there just create one and happy learning 👍 

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alternative home page
alternative to homepage

Alternative To is a website that lists other web-based software options, desktop software, and mobile  applications, and filters alternatives in a variety of ways, including the number of registered users  who click the "Like" button on each of them in Alternative To.

Users can search the site to find better alternatives to the application they have used or have Previously used, including other free methods such as free web applications (cloud computing) that do not need to be installed and that can be accessed by any browser.

Unlike other software interface websites, the software is not categorized, but each piece of software has its own list of alternatives, allowing for a more consistent listing method. However, users can also search by tag to find software, which provides another way to find related software. Users can also narrow down their search by focusing on specific platforms and types of licenses (such as "free non-commercial use").

Alternative To lists basic information such as platform and license type at the top of each entry, but does not have a comparison table that includes software features separately. Since Alternative To itself is a web application, it has a page of other ways to customize it.

As here I am searching an alternative to the adobe illustrator software and we all they know the best alternative of this is inscape which is similar function as like adobe illustrator.

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10. Mind Mapping and brainstorming.

cooggle home page
coogle website

Coggle is a freeware web application. Coggle produces classified documents, such as a branch tree.  This compares with other collaborative editors, such as Google Docs, which offer parity (text document)  or document formats (spreadsheet).



Coggle gives you a clear way to share and understand complex information. It is a collaborative document that simplifies things and shared workplaces to help your team work more collaboratively.

It's free, and we promise to keep it that way, but we still promise to take care of your data as much as we can, keep backups, and take security seriously. Our job is to change the way people work and interact permanently, to make you more productive, to make it easier to share information with others, and to make it more efficient, and fun to use.


Some of Coggle's notable features such as  Real-time collaboration, Sharing with organizations,  individuals, or a private link, View and copy previous versions, Photos Links Lots of root material ,  Joining branches, Markdown text formatting etc

mind mapping site
how mindmap are look 

What is a Mind Map?

In short, a mind map is an easy way to view a topic in an organic way. It starts with one or more topics in the middle and then branches come out over and over again, demolishing details in place of their objects.Mental objects can be arranged geographically and formatted in size and colour to aid

Memory and memory. Mind mapping goes with many different words: mind making, spider sketches, sketch reflections and others, but you can use them all at Coggle!

Who is Mind Maps for ?

Mind Maps are useful for anyone planning, writing notes, visualizing details, meditating,  problem solving, studying, and sharing information (just to name a few). There is no limit to their use! Anyone who values ​​visual, business, educational, or personal life can find useful mind maps to organize information. 

Bonus Website

New pc / laptop - not to go each and every sites 

ninite home page
ninite homepage Ninite may be a package management system that allows users to mechanically install standard applications for his or her Windows software system.Ninite may be a safe resolution, a minimum of for the quite a hundred programs that you simply will transfer from the location all programs offered on the location area unit freed from adware. ... Programs are put into their default locations and if the target system is 64-bit, 64-bit versions are put in if out there. 

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2.Is your logo good?

If you are a graphic designer or logo designer, this website can help to solve many problems such as design barriers or something else like that.


is your logo good home page
is your logo good homepage

As the name suggests, is your logo good? just for sake of time past I'm creating some logo in canvas  and then question appear on my mind that If i design same logo or similar logo so how I could get them to know which will be unique for me or other out there so then i get to this website name called how  good is your logo

So this will help you by identify the uniqueness of your logo such as font of the logo, colour section, any textures etc. must visit if you are a designer or anyone who wants to try it 


price histroy homepage

If you're one of the people who buys products online, this website is for them. Pricing History is a free to use price tracking platform for products.

Why do I need to track products early?

Have you ever seen a drop in prices at these big e-commerce stores? Isn't it? One day you see a product listed at a lower price and one day you come back to buy the same product and the price  goes up? This is a very common problem in almost every product and every store. Most people want to buy the best products at their real value, which is where the price history begins.  We track the price of your products! Just enter the URL on our website or you can download the

Price History app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

How does this really work?

How to use it

      pricehistroy site

Just copy the URL of your product and paste it into Price History. You will be notified of a product price chart, you can analyse data or set price monitoring for the same product with just one click.  Enter a price and a bang! We follow your product further so you don't have to manually open the store’s website over and over again.

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Thanks to the developer Suk chain Singh of the website is the first online operating system tester. As like the new Microsoft launched the cloud based operating system.

Distrotest is also the same but with a larger number of operating systems except macos or the apple products which can’t be seen. Moreover there are a total 359 operating systems as it is claimed by the distrotest website.

There are alphabetic order of the operating system which means A to Z all include the most and the  popular OS such as windows xp , windows vista , linux , ubuntu etc, you select as per your choice  that you want to try or test the operating system would be better for you.

Distrotest website home page
distrotest home page

For instance I have chosen Ubuntu just to show how it works and you have to keep waiting and have some patience to load from the server for you. After loading done there would be a pop up window as name no vnc that window will load the operating system.

distrotest site
waiting for upcoming os running

If in case your browser stop the pop up just grant the permission block to allow form the top  Search bar just like that as show in the below.

site setting
distrotest site setting

Woola now your operating system will load as per your internet connection speed.

Here are the some screenshot while using this website due to some issues i used in the smartphone and believe me it works flawlessly as like in pc or laptop and it something it feel like you are using your device only when if you are using pc or laptop.

kali linux on mobile
kali linux on online web tested on mobile

This is the kali Linux operating system  

terminal on rasbarry pi os
rasberry pi os is running on web using mobile

This is the raspberry pi os form the website 

vs code on mobile
vs code is running on windows 10 on web using mobile

Using vs code in the windows 10 from the  distrotest

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Pretty interesting Ahaa !  You are the best read out there because you are at the End of the post so keep it up As per my opinion you should must visit this website Is it safe and free to use, however it would be also helpful to you to solve some of the Problem out there 🙂

Your opinion is most important to me so share your thoughts and opinions on this website and comment down below. Do you know any of these websites before and do you use them?  Also, do you agree that these are useful websites isn’t?

So thank you for reading till now and investing your valuable time to read this. If you get this post is usefull then just Share it to your friends and Family. It hard to find each and every website and making a long article so please share 🙂 

 I hope this article will help you. Thank you very much